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However it was the discovery of an old box in the back of her mothers desk - bursting with papers - envelopes and cards that really brought home to her the importance of putting pen to paper.

Here in writings was the stop-start recording of her own birth in the form of a telegram.

Born. Today. A baby girl. Mother doing well. We are all delighted .

A letter of congratulations from a bossy aunt a floral card written in the shaky hand of her beloved grandmother.

Here too were letters home to her parents from her former schoolgirl self - the disastrous stay with the French exchange - the postcard home from a trip to the lake district.

Here were invitations - the order of service to her own daughters christening.

In her little sisters childish handwriting a thank you letter for the tennis racquet - the Christmas money - the Sunday lunch……

From this encounter with the past was born the idea of HoneyTree.

Lizbeth excitedly got to work creating hand-drawn and coloured illustrations - motifs and designs whilst her husband Sebastian began to work on the intricacies of building a website where it was possible to create something truly personal.

No detail was spared from the beautiful and varied designs to the papers and envelopes.

But Lizbeth and Sebastian both feel that the most important part of the stationery is still the blank space - the space where the birth is recorded - the thanks is given - the congratulations written - the hope for the future the acknowledgement of the past.

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