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Lloyds Pharmacy - Buy from a name you can trust.

 Visit the Lloyds Pharmacy website the online portal to the UKs leading pharmacy multiple in the provision of healthcare and related products .

  Lloydspharmacy is a leading community pharmacy and healthcare provider with over 1650 pharmacies across the UK mainly in community and health centre locations.

They dispense over 150 million prescription items every year.

Through their pharmacies and website Lloydspharmacy offers high quality healthcare products and services.

They have also launched a range of innovative and affordable products aimed at improving community health such as blood pressure monitors and allergy relievers along with a suite of convenient professional health check services including free blood pressure and diabetes testing and cholesterol and heart checks - all carried out in the comfort of a private consultation room .

    Their website allows you to order your prescription online from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered directly to your door meaning you benefit from a no-fuss and easy service.

Alternatively if you require a prescription their Online Doctor service may be able to help and gives you the chance to receive medical care without the need to see a doctor .

  Lloydspharmacy stock a full range of medicines and treatments both instore and online to help you maintain the good health of you and your family.

The electrical health range they have assembled is affordable and the products are designed to help you monitor and improve your health during periods of illness and on a day-to-day basis .

  Whether your skincare routine revolves around a little soap and water or involves cleanser toner moisturiser and more here at Lloydspharmacy they have got a wide range of products from brands like Dove Garnier and Nivea.

There are also a great range of gifts and special offers available .


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