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    £1 To Play- First 4 Games Free - £3 Million Prize - PLAY Now!

    I remember the days when we would all be glued to the telly checking our pools coupons as the BBC rattled off all the latest football results.

    Things changed over the years as the national lottery took hold.

    BUT I am glad to say that the Football Pool has just made a come back.

    The Football Pools is the UKs original football betting company.

    Still just £1 to play our top prize is £3m (and rising to £5m on selected weeks) and we have thousands of winners every week.

    As you only need 8 score draws from 10 selections to win the BIG prize unlike an accumulator an upset does not mean the end of your bet!

    Smaller prizes are available for players who just miss 8 correct selections.

    With our new online service players can either test their football knowledge identifying fixtures that they believe will result in a score draw or select their lucky numbered fixtures or just simply do a lucky dip to make their selections.

    No need to rely on the pools man coming to your door anymore.

    Players just sign up for an account online make their selection and can come back and change these as often as they would like.

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