Undone Watches

Established in 2014 UNDONE is the worlds leading watch label in customization founded by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans.

The core philosophy of the company is enabling everyone from all walks of life to create their unique personalized watch at a great value without sacrificing quality.

By combining traditional watchmaking with modern-day technology - UNDONE grants people the power to narrate their perception of time through their tailor-made watches.

The production of all UNDONE brand products is made in-house allowing their team to have full control over every aspect that goes into the making of their unique watches.

UNDONE is a fast-growing venture-capital-backed digitally native vertical brand with offices in Hong Kong - Japan and the US.

With 100% online focus for our marketing and sales we have been investing heavily in our omnichannel marketing strategy with much organic support across watch communities and positive reviews in place.

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